Welcome to the Spring Break edition of WHTV News! Nick and Andrew hit the halls and Sabrina Lee has the scoop on college tours available over spring break and in summer. This week, our talented Taste Buds crew put together a lovely PROMotional video for this year’s Senior Prom, taking place on May 10th in San Francisco.

2014-04-16 18:13

Enjoy our switcheroo April Fool’s episode, where our talent switch slots. Shaun and Anrea host news, Alessa and Racquel hit the halls, Jake and Sarah go around the world, and Nadra and Andrew have a spring sports update.

2014-03-31 19:23

Welcome to the first episode of Spring! This episode features: an update on next week’s multicultural week, Taste Buds, Kristian’s Kommentary, Sports, a Sadies promo and Huskies in the Halls.

2014-03-20 17:21

The Digital Video Arts Production class is pleased to present a promotional video for the new separate WHTV Entertainment episode – brought to you by producer Xyrrell Demmitt and his hard-working crew: Anthony Connors, Faraaz Pathan and more. Enjoy, and stay tuned for more full-length episodes!

2014-03-14 10:01

Spring semester is in full swing and this is a busy time of year for the Huskies – anchors Drew Andre and Sarah Mahgoub promote upcoming events, such as the college tour and the rescheduled Powder Puff game. Also featured: sports, Huskies in the Halls, music reviews with Eliza, Around the World in 60 seconds with Alessa and Chelsea and a new entertainment skit #streetfighter.

2014-03-07 09:29

This week features news, Huskies in the Halls, Taste Buds and Kristian’s Kommentary. Also, be sure to check out our special electives episode featuring elective courses offered at Washington High School. Registration for next year’s classes start Monday, March 3rd.

2014-02-27 17:48

This week’s episode features three student produced commercials, as well as news, Taste Buds and Music Reviews with Eliza. Enjoy!

2014-02-20 17:18

This edition of WHTV features yummy recipes you can make at home! Also included: news updates from Sarah and Drew, sports, Huskies in the Halls, and our new segment, “Kristian’s Kommentary.” Happy early Valentine’s Day!

2014-02-10 13:47

Semester two has officially started and Drew Andre and Sarah Mahgoub host another fun-filled episode of WHTV. Featured this week: Huskies in the Halls, sports, student chef Justin Liu, music reviews with Eliza Santiago and entertainment skit trailer for Fed Up Freshman 2. Also, for the first time this school year, WHTV is featuring two student-produced commercials.

2014-01-30 20:27

Anchors Drew Andre and Sarah Mahgoub provide information for seniors and the upcoming Talent Show auditions – open to all Huskies. Andrew and Monserrat hit the halls with a controversial crime question; Jake and Andrea give a winter sports update; Sabrina Lee has more tips for finals; Lauren Tagalog and Danica lacap pick up a new eating habit at Fremont’s new burger joint, The Habit.

2014-01-17 07:49